Warranty and Agreement

Warranty and Agreement Information

When you purchase a building from The Amish Structures you can be assured that it was designed and constructed with the highest  standard  of  workmenship  and quality consistent with our company and values. Your satisfaction is our first and highest goal and The Amish Structures is pleased to make these promises to you.

The Amish Structures commits to: 

  • Delivering your structure free of defects.
  • A 1 year limited warranty covering all materials and parts from the very base of the floor to the last shingle on the roof.
  • A lifetime warranty on all hardware, windows, hinges, latches and partition grills.
  • The Amish Structures extends this limited warranty only to the original purchaser. This warranty shall NOT extend to any subsequent purchaser or transferee.
  • The Amish Structures defines DEFECTS as imperfections that impair the use of the product or as unacceptable by the reasonable person standard and will repair all such defects in a timely fashion.
  • The Amish Structures cannot be held responsible for acts of God, or defects resulting from abuse, negligence, misuse or lack of proper maintenance. Winds above 60 mph are considered acts of God and any damages caused to shed will not be covered.

Warranty claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt or proof of purchase and The Amish Structures must be notified within 30 days of the finding of the defect. Failure to do so may relieve the manufacturer of any duty to cover under warranty.

Terms and Conditions   

Everyone at The Amish Structures will do our best to ensure your experience with us will be a pleasant and satisfying one. We kindly ask that you read over the following terms and conditions and agree to comply and abide by the following.


A deposit of 50% is due at the time the order is placed for any smaller one story one bay structures, for all others 67% due upon signing.


Mastercard and Visa are acceptable forms of payment. If the credit card is used by phone there will be a 5% upcharge as the credit card companies pass that charge along to us.


Because we send out the orders right away to our builders we do not offer cancellations unless it is an extenuating factor which will be determined by The Amish Structures. In that case any payments made by check or cash will be returned in full if the order is cancelled within 3 days from the date of purchase. A 5% transaction fee will be charged on the amount of deposit received if the deposit was made by any credit card. Any and all deposits can be kept if the cancellation is made after 3 days from the date of purchase.


There is a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.

Final payment is always due upon delivery of structures with the exception of financed or direct business billing. If final payment is not received upon delivery then The Amish Structures reserves the right to renter your property and retrieve the structure and we are not responsible for any prior notification or any property damages that may be incurred by removal of structure including fence removal if necessary. The retrieved structure and all personal property inside structure will become the property of The Amish Structures at the time of retrieval and may be resold or disposed of at our discretion.


The purchaser is responsible for any and all permits, variances and other town required documents necessary to place the structure on the purchaser property. The Amish Structures seeks to build every structure with the highest standard of engineered workmanship, however different states, towns, villages have varying construction requirements. Should your town require something different than our standard construction specs it is your responsibility to notify The Amish Structures of this when ordering the structure. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure complete compliance with local regulations. Stamped Engineer’s Drawings can be obtained for any structure at an additional charge.

Site Preparation

Site leveling and preparation is the purchaser’s responsibility and The Amish Structures will not be responsible for any adverse effects an unleveled pad or unapproved pad may have on your new structure. The warranty will be voided and any adverse effects that need to be repaired will be billed to the purchaser. If the site is not prepared correctly before the driver arrives there will be a Redelivery charge of a minimum of $350.00 and $3.00 per loaded mile. Our drivers will do their best to satisfy the requirements for the shed positioning, but please understand that they are on a time schedule and will probably have several other deliveries to make that day. Also we have to take into consideration any unforeseen circumstances that might hinder your delivery for that day, such as truck breakdowns or running behind on another delivery, but we will always call you to let you know if something happens that will delay your delivery, and reschedule for another day or  for later in the day. Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.

The best and easiest way to level and prepare your site if not using a professional is to have a base of #2 crushed stone about 4” to 6” thick leveled and tamped. It is best to make the pad about 1’ larger on all sides than the structure itself (example if you purchased an 8’x8’ you would want the pad to be 10’x10’). This allows for good drainage underneath your shed and around. Other stones do not work as well because they will not pack together well. You can use concrete though.

Do Not use blocks for your base. The driver will not place or level the structure if any other method is used besides an approved pad and again the warranty will be voided.

Delivery Information

Keep in mind when choosing a site for your structure that we will need to be able to back our trailer within 6’ of where you would like the back of the shed to be. We will then tilt the trailer up and pull out from under the structure placing it onto  your pad. There must be a cleared prepared way to your site, all gates, fences, shrubs, tree limbs and any other obstacles must be removed prior to the driver arriving. If you have any concerns prior to delivery, you may call us and we can have the driver speak to you to discuss any concerns. Neither the Amish Structures nor the driver will be held responsible for any damages to the structure caused by an obstacle that was not removed prior to the delivery.

All sheds are loaded and unloaded from the rear of the trailer and the shed runs lengthwise with the trailer, so we would like to know the best way to load your shed. If doors are on the side, doors can be either on driver side or passenger side. If doors are on the gable end they can either face the back of the cab or to back of the trailer.

Deliveries are made with a four wheel drive truck and a 30’ trailer. Again we are invited guests onto your property and are not responsible for any damages incurred on your property by our delivery trucks such  as  ruts, dents to your property or damages incurred on the delivered product by forseeable obstacles such as trees, shrubs, overhead wires, lawn and driveway conditions, fences, etc in your requested path of delivery. If you see that it is raining and your property is too wet for delivery, please call 24 hours ahead of time to cancel.


*On Lot Buildings are sold As-Is